Discover the Superior Quality of Real Scientific Hemp Oil

2More people are choosing to use natural plant extracts for their medical conditions. This is in large part due to the increasing number of side effects produced by prescription drugs. While products made from natural plant extracts such as those containing CBD oil, are safer to use, they do not all come with the same potency. For those individuals not familiar with where CBD oil comes from, it is sourced from the hemp plant. Individuals looking to obtain the highest grade of CBD possible should look for companies that advertise their products as being RSHO, which stands for real scientific hemp oil.

All Natural Extracts

The big difference between products sold as RSHO and those sold as basic CBD oil is that the RSHO items are derived only from hemp plants. This means they are completely natural products containing the highest levels of CBD. This particular type of CBD hemp oil is grown in areas where high quality species of the hemp plant is allowed, such as in the state of Colorado. The CBD extract produced from this plant contains only the properties associated with its cannabinoids and not those associated with the psychedelic inducing element of THC.

Varying Degrees of Strength

As with all types of medicinal products, those sold as RSHO come in formulas with varying strengths. The strength of a formula is often clearly evident by the type of label it carries. The gold label products contain the highest percentage of natural CBD oil, which measures in at about 24 percent. The blue label is the next strongest at 17 percent and the green label comes in at about 15 percent. In addition to the pure oil extracts, CBD hemp oil is also available in capsule form, which could also vary in strength as well as in dose.


Will the Medicinal Herb RSHO Help Reduce Stress?

If you live a high stress life, and do not want to take traditional medication, you may be looking for an alternative treatment that can help. If so, why not consider RSHO, otherwise known as Real Scientific Hemp Oil, a product derived from the hemp plant and one that is said to have many health benefits.

Is RSHO legal to buy in the United States? — Yes, RSHO is legal in all 50 states. This is because it may be from hemp, but the compound that makes people high has been removed from it. That means you can take RSHO on a regular basis, but it will not make you high, make you feel groggy or put you to sleep.

Will RSHO help reduce stress? — Yes, as reported by many people who are taking RSHO as a way to beat stress, the herb does seem to cause a massive reduction in the stress levels of people that take it regularly. In medical studies, it also is shown to alleviate both stress and depression. As depression causes stress, and vice versa, it is no wonder so many people that use RSHO on a regular basis say they have never felt better.

How much RSHO do you need to take daily? — If you are taking it for stress reduction, or for any other health issue, there is not a recommended amount you should take. This is due to every body reacting differently to RSHO so, what works for some people may require more or less to have the same effect on you. This is why experimenting with the amount of RSHO you take daily is the only way to find out about the right amount for your needs.

Taking RSHO on a daily basis is highly likely to help you reduce stress, and with no side effects. Why not try it and see if it works for you?

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What is CBD-Cannabidiol

First of all, let’s define cannabis. Most people associate cannabis with getting high, like what happens with smoking marijuana, or commonly referred to as “pot.” Cannabis is a family of two types of plants. These two plants are Hemp and Marijuana. The chemical, Cannabidiol, is found in both hemp and marijuana plants. Cannabidiol, or more commonly known as CBD, located in marijuana plants is heavily regulated by the government and for the majority of states still considered illegal. However, CBD from hemp plants is legal in all of the United States.

Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil goes through a process where the CBD is infused into the hemp oil. This hemp oil is legal in all states of the United States. Hemp Oil extract sales in a gel in syringes or small jars. Hemp Oil also is sold in ready to eat versions such as gummies.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

Pain Relief

Research has shown CBD oil can help with all forms of physical pain. Success with pain relief from chronic type pain, pain resulting from spinal cord injury, muscle pain, multiple sclerosis pain, and pain from arthritis.


Cancer patients have reported that CBD oil can lessen inflammation. The significant benefit of reducing inflammation is it can change the ways cancer cells produce, preventing tumors cells from reproducing.

Other Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil has been reported to help with acne issues, seizures, stroke, and aid in breaking smoking or other drug addiction issues.

How to Use CBD Oil

For the consumer’s convenience, CBD oils commonly sold as capsules, gels, and creams. Well Spring sells CBD capsules, CBD dabs and waxes, CBD drops, CBD edibles and CBD gum, CBD lotions and patches, CBD vape oils, and Terpenes. All our offered CBD products are THC free.

Well Spring

Well Spring is your premier source for CBD oils online or click on RSHO for more details.

Five Things About Hemp That Most People Do Not Know


Hemp cannot be used to get high, contrary to popular opinion. It is true. Users may find themselves in need of some aspirin though. It can give you a headache, depending on who you are and the severity. Hemp seeds only contain .3 levels of THC. I am sorry, but that is not enough to make anyone high, no matter how low your tolerance is. You may also have some bathroom issues later. Hemp seeds have been known to cure constipation once they are ingested orally. Just a heads up guys!


You can make hemp with some household items you have lying around. You can make more than 25,000 hemp products from book pages or any building materials you have at home. You can also use things like birdseed and ice cream to make your own hemp. You should be careful though. Most states ban the use of making or selling hemp. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.


What do Woody Harrelson and Mitch McConnel have in common? They are both hemp heads. They want the use of hemp to be legal, here in the states. Who would have thought that the Republican Majority Leader(also known as The Turtle) has the fondness for help?


What do breast milk and hemp seeds have in common? They both have a nutrient called the GLA. They also have the Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. That makes it a healthier alternative to vegetable oil.


Do you have any leftover hemp stalks just lying around? They can be used to store energy. It was reported on the BBC a while back. You can find out more by talking with David Mitlin, a scientist at the University of Alberta.

Read more at RSHO.

Why Use RSHO For Health?

RSHO is the best natural substance to you use when controlling your personal health. You must use oils at the direction of your doctor, and they provide a calming/relieving experience when used properly. This article explains how the healing power of oils changes your life for the better, where to buy them, and what to use.

#1: Where Do You Shop For Oils?

You must shop for oils online in places that offer the lowest prices possible. Search the catalog for oils that you believe are best-suited for your personal needs, and you may check for flavors, prices, and dosages. The oils are all listed in the same catalog, and they are sold in vials made for e-cigs, or vials made for topical use.

#2: The Oils Are Natural

RSHO is all natural, and it works on any ailment you have. You may rub the oil on your skin when you feel pain, or you may use the oil on your scalp to treat your hair. The oils work on wounds, and they help you with sore muscles. The oils themselves emit a strong odor when burned off, and they may fill the room with flavor if you so choose.

#3: RSHO Helps Everyone

RSHO works on all manner of diseases and injuries. You may use it when you are not feeling well, or you may use it when you pain in your joints. The RSHO acts immediately when seeping into the skin, or you may use the RSHO to help with a headache. The applications give you the hint of a soft or savory flavor, and you may use them as many times during the day as you like.

RSHO is often the best alternative remedy for your body, and you may use it at your doctor’s direction in combination with medication.

Will RHSO Help your Anxiety Symptoms?

If you are one of the millions of people that suffer from anxiety on a daily basis, you have probably tried many of the traditional medications currently on the market.

If you have found little relief, and a lot of side effects, you may be looking for something a bit more natural. Something that can help you control your anxiety and make your life a little less stressful.

If so, one of the things you should try is RSHO, otherwise known as Real Scientific Hemp Oil, a natural compound that is derived from hemp and is being used by tens of thousands of people around the country for anxiety relief.

Does RHSO really help with anxiety? – In a recent study, one group of people suffering from anxiety was given RSHO. Another group was given a placebo.

Upon follow up with these people, in a public speaking event, it was discovered the ones who took RSHO had far less problems with stress or anxiety than did those on the placebo.

It seems all kinds of RSHO products may help relax you. It also acts incredibly quickly, causing you to relax and calm down much faster than the more traditional medicines. With few or no side effects, it also tends to be better for your body.

Will it work for you? – While there are no guaranteed about any type of treatment for anxiety, as some work for some people and not for others, all kinds of RSHO products have shown such positive results in scientific tests, it is worth seeing if they can help you too.

How to take it? – It is up to you to find out what type of dose works the best for you, as RSHO products work in different ways with different people.

This is why it is generally recommended to begin with a low dose, then increase it gradually over several weeks until you find an amount that causes your anxiety to lessen.

Why Real Scientific Hemp Oil is Popular

2The real scientific hemp oil (RSHO) is considered full spectrum. Full spectrum is another means RSHO contains the cannabidiol that was part of the original hemp plant. Full spectrum makes hemp oil effective. The RSHO should always be full spectrum hemp oil. The popularity of the oil is based on its’ quality, availability, and its’ use.

RSHO Must Be of High Quality

A popular product is a reliable. It is made of good quality. RSHO must be analyzed from start to finish of production. RSHO adheres to industry standards. The labs analyzing the product should be thorough Labs conduct test on RSHO properly. Testing ensures product is safe. RSHO won awards in the past. It indicates high quality. Substandard hemp oil may have contaminants that are hazardous.

Where You Might Find RSHO Available

RSHO is popular in California. RSHO is legal in every state. The popularity reaches other countries like Brazil and Mexico. RSHO available on websites, Companies recognizes the demand for RSHO; therefore, they make it available nearly everywhere.

How to Use RSHO

The potency influence how it works for some people. The dosage is based on the user’s preference. The type of RSHO is a factor for effectiveness. Many people who uses RSHO takes it twice a day, because they like high potent doses. A few people prefer low dosage and takes RSHO throughout the day. It can be taken in food using an oral application.

Why Popularity Surges for RSHO?

The popularity of RSHO begins with the product being reliable. Reliability can be determined by quality. RSHO proven to be good quality. People trust the product because of its’ quality. When you can find a good product almost anywhere, it helps the popularity. It easy to use; therefore, it is the reason why RSHO is popular.